Upside Down

Galup is one of the oldest Panettone factories in the world. Situated in Italy, in the small town of Pinerolo, it still makes this cake in a very traditional way.
I was commissioned to create a campaign that included social media, brand activation and a film.

The inspiration comes from the fact that Panettone cakes have to ‘rest’ upside down for 48 hours in order to keep their volume.
The film and the campaign are shot from the point of view of a Panettone cake.

Shot with film camera - Leica M6

Location: Pinerolo, Italy
Direction and photography - Jacopo Maria Cinti
DP - Jonangelo Molinari

The campaign also featured a series of portrait of the factory makers as they are holding their favourite cakes upside down.

© 2021 Jacopo Maria Cinti