Made in Japan


I always had a passion and a particular love for Japan, so when I was asked to follow six new upcoming Japanese brands and tell their stories, I was very excited.

Director - Jacopo Maria Cinti
DP - Erik Norlundt

Tanako Takeishi
Creative Director, Kics Document. 

Filmed between Tokyo and Osaka, Japan
In this short film, I travelled to Tokyo and Osaka, to meet the six designers behind a Japanese capsules collection for online retailer MR PORTER, produced in partnership with influential Japanese retailer Beams. As we visit the studios and workplaces of designers from ALOYE, Teatora, Marvy Jamoke, Kics Document, Orslow and SASQUATCHFABRIX, we ask each about their process and inspiration. Kawaii, indeed.

Music - Magnetic Man, Flying Into Tokyo

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